Rules and Routines

Cold Weather Policy – We follow the DOE policy 

Guidance for Outdoor Play in Cold Weather
School Type: All schools 
Children benefit from vigorous exercise and should be given the opportunity to play outside whenever possible. Unless it is snowing, or there is ice on the playground, or the wind chill factor produces an effective temperature below zero degrees Fahrenheit (-18 degrees Celsius), temperature alone should not be a barrier to outdoor play.
You are encouraged to work with your staff to maintain outdoor play periods, and you should take precautions to keep students warm and to ensure that they are appropriately dressed on very cold days. When outdoors, please ensure that your students and staff cover exposed skin, wear warm clothing, and use multiple layers to maintain warmth.”

Lost & Found

There are a clothing rack and bins in the vestibule outside the nurse’s office where lost items are placed. Children and parents should check frequently for lost items. Please label everything with at least your child’s first and last names. If you are comfortable writing their current classroom or your phone number on the items, the chance of them getting back to their rightful owner increases enormously.

Cell Phones

Although students are not encouraged to bring cell phones to school due to the possibility of loss, theft or damage, we understand that many families want their children to have a cell phone to contact parents before or after school hours.  If a student chooses to bring a cell phone to school, it must be turned “OFF” during the school day and placed where it will not be accessed during the instructional day. If the phone is seen during the instructional day, it will be confiscated and turned in to the office.  Parents will be contacted to come to school and pick up the phone at their convenience.

Toys and Other Personal Belongings  

Children are discouraged from bringing personal items to school, except items to share during the appropriate period of the class day.  Electronic items (DS, PSP’s, iPods, etc.) will be taken away and returned only to parents.  Cell phones are not to be taken out of the book bags during the school day. Toy weapons are not permitted.

Bicycles, Skateboards & Scooters

Students may ride bicycles to school. They should be locked up outside on the bike racks on Pacific Street.  Scooters are not permitted in the yard during school hours. Students are not permitted to ride bikes, skateboards, roller blades, or wear “wheelies” on the school campus at any time. In addition, bikes, skateboards, and scooters will not be stored in the school building.

Dogs and Other Furry Friends

While we love animals, as a general rule, dogs and other animals are not welcome at school.  Specifically, according to the state’s education code, dogs are prohibited from school campuses, whether or not the dogs are leashed.  Several signs posted on campus note that “Dogs are not allowed.”