PTA Teams

Most of the larger projects at PS 261 are spearheaded from within a committee. These teams are always looking for new members! Below is a list of the PS261 PTA committees and what they do.


The 5th Grade Committee raises funds to ensure all students can participate in end-of-year activities to guarantee a momentous and meaningful sendoff to middle school.

CONTACT: Bibi Prival, Yaell Utt, Shelly Kroeger – [email protected]


The Arts Committee organizes programming intended to surprise, inspire, engage, and

supplement the arts curriculum. They also facilitate partnerships with groups like BAM

and American Ballet Theater.

CONTACT: Peira Moinester – [email protected]


The After School Committee is a team of parents that serve as a board of directors for

the After School program—overseeing the budget, enacting new ideas, and supervising


CONTACT: Nancy Ziegler Nayar, Lizzie Jacobs – [email protected]


The Book Committee promotes a love of literacy by connecting students with books

and authors, supporting the school library, and helping teachers get books in their


CONTACTS: Danielle Contray – [email protected] and

Jenny Fox – [email protected]


The Fundraising Committee oversees all PTA fundraising activities with the goal of

raising money to keep existing programs and establish new ones that support the evolving

needs of the school.

CONTACT: Christine Egan – [email protected]


In partnership with our in-house garden educator Hillary Horowitz, the Garden Committee works with classes to sustain our playground’s raised beds, gazebo, and stormwater management system.

CONTACT: Nadine Berger and Amy Schiwal – [email protected]


The Social Action Committee implements the 261 mission by fostering an inclusive,

empowering, culturally diverse, and academically supportive environment

through events and advocacy.

CONTACTS: Nikki Caliste – [email protected] and Suzy Meyers Jackon – [email protected]


The STEM Committee focuses on engaging students in the areas of Science, Technology, 

Engineering and Mathematics. They strive to have our kids asking “what if” and

“why” more through events like Maker Night. 

CONTACT: Lindsay Moore – [email protected]