5th Grade Committee Page!

Stepping Up Ceremony: 
The 5th-grade stepping-up ceremony will be held virtually this year.  We are gauging interest in an in-person parent-led after-school celebration.  Please fill out the following survey and let us know if you would be interested in/comfortable with participating: SURVEY.

Other end-of-year activities:
Juneteenth March/Day of Service: Please let us know in the survey if you are interested in organizing or helping with this family-led event.
Spirit Week: June 14-17, activities to be organized by teachers class-by-class

The Yearbook team is continuing to collect photos.  Please send photos to [email protected] – 1 photo of your 5th grader from the shoulders up in front of a white background (can be with your phone) – 1 baby photo of your 5th grader (ideally taken from 0-2 years of age)

Swag and Dues: PS 261 Class of 2021 t-shirts and masks are happening! We are asking families for $40 in order to pay for the swag and the yearbook by April 30th. Paylite Please make sure to write “5th-grade dues” in the comments.

Thanks for helping us send off our 5th graders in style! 
Beth, Nicole, and Reedu [email protected]