5th Committee Page!

Your Fifth Grade Committee Chairs are Judy Corless, Elizabeth Zick, and Nora McCauley. If you have questions reach out to them at the email here. [email protected]

Want to pay your dues online? $240 – You can always pay more to help support our financial assistance efforts. Every little bit helps. Thank you!


Yearbook Salutations. Want to help support the cost of the yearbook? Buy a shout-out to your 5th grader.

Need more information about the dues? Keep reading below for a breakdown.

Hello fifth grade families!

As you may know, the 261 tradition for fifth graders is for them to have a yearbook, a special t-shirt, a trip, a party and a moving-up ceremony. Other fifth grade classes have had these in the past to celebrate the specialness of the year, and the teachers want our kids to have them as well.

These exciting things cost money. The fifth grade committee is scheduling bake sales and other fundraisers, but every year family dues also play an important role in making the year happen.

Dues for the 261 Class of 2019 will be $240, which is what they have been in the recent past as well. If your family will need financial assistance, please contact your teacher.

DUES $240

SPONSOR A FIFTH GRADER! and add 20 bucks or more to your dues payment. We love you!


You are always welcome to pay the total amount in one payment.  We love this option but we understand that is not always possible.  

Otherwise, payments are due in three $80 installments:

  • Thursday, November 15, at Parent Teacher Conferences
  • Thursday, January 10th, at the 4th and 5th grade Town Hall
  • Thursday, March 14, at Parent Teacher Conferences (plus all signed forms/paperwork)

By check:

Make checks payable to PS261 PTA. On the memo line note “5th grade” with child’s name/class

Checks can be given to your student’s teacher, or put in the PTA mailbox in the main office. Heather Weston is an option too. Just get us the money!

By credit card:

credit card, we will have a table set up on the 4th floor during Parent/Teacher Conferences.  Please note that credit card transactions require an additional processing fee of $5.  

By cash:

Cash is a great thing but please hand it directly to a 5th grade committee chair ore your teacher or Heather Weston. A receipt for each cash payment will be given or sent home in your child’s backpack.