The PS261 Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) supports our children’s education and development by raising money for school materials and activities and providing opportunities for families to get involved with the school.

All of the PTA events and funded projects go to the express purpose of furthering our children’s education. Every parent is automatically on the PTA by being a member of our school community.

2020 / 2021 Executive Board

President Supriya Doshi, [email protected]

Vice President Jackie Libster

Secretary Madhu Puri

Treasurer  Michael Grassotti

Fundraising Co-Chairs JoAnn Kamuf Ward, Thomas Forster, Beth Friedland

After School Committee Co-Chairs Sophia Straker-Babb, Nancy Ziehler Nayar

5th Grade Committee Chair Elizabeth Zick, Reedu Wood, Nicole Clark

Volunteer Coordinators Michael Hernandez, Lizzie Jacobs, Shanelle Rein-Olowokere

After School Treasurer Luke Bergamini

Members-at-Large Yaw Asare, Daneille Foster-Russell

PTA Budgets

2020-21 PTA Budget

2019-2020 PTA Budget

2018-2019 PTA Budget

2017-2018 PTA Budget

2015-2016 PTA Budget

PTA Bylaws

PTA Bylaws 2018

PTA Bylaws 2014

PTA Minutes