2nd Grade Math Home Support

Fluency Support

Recommended Practice:  Addition and subtraction within 20; Adding and subtracting 10’s from any number mentally; Skip counting by 2’s, 5’s, 10’s

Addition & Subtraction Facts Practice

Addition Top-It
Subtraction Top-It
Roll and Record Addition
Roll and Record Subtraction
Closer to 20 & Blank Number Line (required for game)

Sushi Monster
Splash Math
Medievel Math Battle

What Makes Ten
Know About Tens

Homework Helpers

Camelot Print & Copy publishes “Homework Helpers.” These are spiral bound books that walk parents through the material so they can more easily support the work. One book covers the entire year. These are currently priced at $14.95.

Purchase Homework Helpers Here

Family Friendly Math Glossary

Chip Model?? Tape Diagram???

Looking for help navigating that new and unfamiliar math terminology you may be seeing at home? We’ve got you covered with this family friendly math glossary!

2nd Grade Math Family HW Workshop Presentation