Box Tops!

Totals for Box Tops!

Current year – $392.50

2016/2017 is $598.30

2015/2016 was $6.20

2014/2015 was $765.30

2013/14 was $911.26

We can do better than this people! keep those box tops coming in. and ask grandma to save them too! We have got to be able to hit 1,000. The next submission deadline is November 1st, maybe this is the year.

Which Classroom will be The Official 2017-2018 Box Top and Label Leaders?

The monthly classroom winners are……

Collect LABELS for 2017 – 2018! It’s EASY!!

#1: The class that collects the MOST labels throughout the 2016 – 2017 school year will earn a pizza or ice cream party at the end of the school year. Deadline will be Wednesday, May 12, 2017.
#2: The individual student who collects the most labels each month will win a prize!We are collecting labels for:
BoxTops For Education
Campbell’s Labels for EducationTurn in your box tops to the Box Top Box in Heather Weston’s office. Make sure to mark your name and classroom so we can give you credit.

Remember, BoxTops gives us cold cash, and Labels for Education lets us exchange the points for merchandise!
Have you seen the new parachute we just “purchased” for the gym using labels points?


Box Tops are each worth 1 point, which equals 10 cents.
These can be found on such products as:
General Mills cereal boxes (Cheerios!), yogurt, baking goods, Ziploc bags, Britta water purifier refills, and packs of Avery labels just to name a few. Be sure to look for special packaging offering several products with Box Tops worth 5 points each – that is equivalent to 50 cents! In addition, many products offer BONUS box tops. This means there may be extra box tops included on your product.

FIND OUT MORE ABOUT Labels for Education at

Labels for Education includes more than Campbell’s soups. There are a variety of products such as Campbell’s soup cans, Prego pasta sauce (you must turn in the lid), V8 vegetable drinks (again you must turn in the lid), Danimal drinking yogurts and Pepperidge Farm products such as Goldfish crackers. Boxes of Goldfish crackers are currently offering special labels worth 100 points!

All we need is the UPC code and the picture of the little Campbell’s soup boy right next to the UPC on the label.
-clip the symbol and UPC
-we need the UPC code for the label to count

Collection & submission STEPS for labels program
1. trim labels neatly. Labels for Education labels REQUIRE the UPC code.
2. place counted labels in a ziploc bag (you can mix BTE & LFE labels together)
3. mark the bag with:
a. child’s FULL name (first and last names)
b. teacher
c. grade and classroom number so the class & student can both get credit
4. drop bag of labels in red box hanging on wall in main office

Heather Weston, coordinator for this fundraiser, keeps track of EVERY single label/box top your child sends in so his/her classroom receives credit. Make sure to mark the student’s name down on all bags of labels submitted so each student can be credited with his/her collected labels. If you’d like to help with the program or just have questions, write to [email protected]


All inquires about fundraising at PS 261 – [email protected]