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About Zipporiah Mills

Zipporiah Mills


Zipporiah Mills was principal of PS 261 from 2005 to 2016.


With Zipp as principal, PS 261 began its equity journey before that language became common. Zipp led by example - she indeed saw every child through loving eyes and respected what every family had to offer. Zipp recognized the many dimensions of this work and the challenges that we need to face together. Through history, art, and the contributions of people across race and ethnicity, Zipp guided the 261 community to begin a genuine dialogue about difference. When she retired, she continued to bring this work to schools across the city and country. 


Zipp passed away in 2021 after a heroic battle with cancer. She was beloved in the PS 261 community, and we are blessed to have had her influence over our school for so many years. Zipp is forever in our hearts and minds. May her light shine bright throughout our halls for all the years to come.