Third Grade

Meet the 3rd-Grade Team

Class 3 310

Susan Berger

Hello. I have taught many grades for over twenty years. I have an MS in Special Education from Bank Street and earned National Board certification as an Early Childhood generalist, but I still learn a lot every year about how to teach school. I am returning to third grade which I loved teaching for 8 years at my previous school. I appreciate how children in this grade can handle so much content and are still so sweet. In my spare time, I like to sit around Brooklyn and see all of the people who live here. [email protected]

Class 3 315

Yvette Torres Schwartz & Nichole Dembert

Help Yvette and Nicole with Fostering Creativity and Collaboration With Alternative Seating.

This is Nichole’s seventh year at PS261. She loves watching children discover that there are no limits to their abilities and that they can accomplish their goals. She enjoys traveling to different countries with her family. [email protected]

This is Yvette’s 4th year Teaching at PS 261 and her 2nd year in 3rd grade.  She is super excited to be teaching in the community she was born and raised in and loves so much! Not only did she attend 261 as a Kindergartener,  she and her husband decided to plant roots in the community and their two children attended 261 as well. 261 is the place where they raised their children in what they considered a loving diverse village of amazing families that became their second family.  Yvette was an active member of the PTA, volunteered as a Learning Leader, and a class parent for both children. She holds a BA in English/Elementary Education and more recently her Masters in Early Childhood Special Education. Yvette spent over a decade teaching in various communities in Brooklyn and is excited to finally be able to give back to her own community.

Class 3 413

Sarah Murphy and Quinn McNeil

Class 3 413 SUPPLY LIST

Classroom Furniture That Supports High-Quality Student Learning

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, and I am excited to give back to my local community as I enter my second year at P.S. 261!  I taught first grade for two years in the Bronx, and I received a Masters in Curriculum Development from SUNY-Albany. I am passionate about inquiry-based learning across the content areas, as well as collaborative, interdisciplinary projects. I am a 200-hour certified yoga teacher and trained in techniques that promote student wellness.  I am looking forward to building a strong, third-grade classroom community that empowers learners to feel empowered each and every day in their social, emotional, and academic-based learning. Outside of teaching, I love reading, hiking, running, practicing yoga, and cooking. [email protected]

Quinn McNeil

Born and raised in Brooklyn, I am very excited to start my first year at P.S 261. I have a Dual Masters in General and Special Education. I love teaching children and have been in the field since 2009. My love for educating young children has been a passion for many years. I have studied American Sign Language to interact with deaf and hard of hearing students. I am very passionate about children succeeding and achieving all their goals. I also enjoy traveling and spending time with my newborn son Mason and stepdaughters Maegan and Morgan. I look forward to a great year!

Class 3 414

3rd Grade Supply List for Class 3-414

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Susie began teaching in 2007 in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. She grew up in Brooklyn and attended PS 261. Susie has a Master’s degree in Museum Education and Childhood Education from Bank Street College. She is passionate about teaching social studies and believes that learning about the past will help our children be critical, reflective problem solvers. One of the most important aspects of teaching for Susie is the direct relationship between social/emotional learning and academic achievement. Building a safe and joyful space with her students is what Susie loves about teaching. During her free time she enjoys exploring the city, visiting museums, and traveling with her husband Omar, son Rio (who attends PS 261!) and daughter Flora. Susie is excited to return to third grade, which is the grade where she began her teaching career. [email protected]