Physical Education


Physical Education – Matthew Carbone [email protected]

I am very excited to be teaching Physical Education at P.S. 261, and am learning new things everyday. I’m from Staten Island, and have spent the past 9 years working as a paraprofessional at Susan Wagner H.S.  I received my BS in Accounting from the College of Staten Island, and a Masters in Physical Education from Brooklyn College.  In my free time I enjoy going to the beach, working out, traveling, and playing with my Jack Russel, Jaxx.

Mr Matt meets once a week with 5th graders who have chosen to be in sports club.


Physical Education news:
The fourth and fifth grade students at PS261 will be taking the Physical Education citywide fitness test, The NYC FITNESSGRAM, during December and January. The Fitnessgram is comprised of the Pacer, Curl-up, Trunk Lift, Sit and Reach, and Push-up test.  FITNESSGRAM supports students in learning about and measuring components of health-related fitness: aerobic capacity, muscle strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition. Unlike many traditional fitness assessments, students who participate in NYC FITNESSGRAM are measured based on individual performance and personal improvement and are not judged against each other or a standardized norm. Each score is evaluated using the Healthy Fitness Zone® standards. 

The NYC FITNESSGRAM report summarizes each student’s performance on fitness assessments and suggests ways to help them to reach the “Healthy Fitness Zone”. NYC FITNESSGRAM supports teachers and students in effectively setting and managing personal and collective fitness goals

.  Stay fit and healthy!