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STE(A)M Labs and Technology Upgrade for PS 261 in Boerum Hill

Alyssa Becker suggested this Schools & Education idea in District 33.Near 288 Pacific St, Brooklyn, New York, New York 11201, United States
My project idea is: STE(A)M Labs and Technology Upgrade for PS 261 in Boerum HillSo that people could: The integration of technology at our school is sorely lacking and we are in need of these resources to assist with our children’s education. Technology in the classrooms engages students and creates active learners. It encourages individual learning and growth and when put into place with group projects encourages peer collaboration. Technology in the classrooms prepares children for the real world beyond school – teaching students how to use technology to learn, research, collaborate, and solve problems from an early age will better prepare them for their careers. And lastly it creates more engaged and successful teachers. These are things we all want for our children in their school.