Each New York City public school is required to establish a School Leadership Team (SLT), consisting of equal numbers of parents and staff. Parent and teacher members are elected to the SLT for a two-year term. Elections are held in the late spring for parent members and early fall for teacher members. In addition, the principal, parent coordinator, UFT union representative, and PTA president serve on the SLT.

The SLT has the extremely important and rewarding job of developing and enacting PS 261’s annual Comprehensive Educational Plan (CEP). The SLT also works to align the school’s budget with the CEP in order to achieve our annual goals. Among the SLT’s other activities are planning and sponsoring workshops for parents and teachers aimed at addressing challenges at school and at home.

The SLT meets once a month on a Friday at 7:30 AM. Check the website for meeting dates and location. Members of the PS261 community who are not among those officially elected to serve on the SLT may still come to meetings to observe and are encouraged to talk to the elected representatives outside of meetings regarding their concerns and to make suggestions.

Minutes from the meetings are available to download below.

Contact the SLT: [email protected]

Parent Members

Cindy Lobel (Chair), Nora McCauley (PTA President),  Wayne Isaak,  Maud Abeel, Kathleen Mulholland, Scott Jackson,  and Tanya Friedman

Staff Members

Jackie Allen (Principal), Jamie Gifkins (acting UFT Rep), Stephanie Scarborough, Lindsey Sproul, Khadija Algamoos

DC37 Member

Nancy Sinatra


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