Click HERE for a sneak peek at the Fall 2019 Afterschool Class Schedule.  Online Registration will open Monday, August 19 at 11am.  The Link to Registration will be sent by email by Parent Coordinator Heather Weston on Friday. 
For assistance, email us at p[email protected]. Paper enrollment forms are available in the Afterschool office during regular business hours.  We are holding limited spaces in every class until Friday, August 30th for paper applications, it’s on a first come, first serve basis. Please make up to 3 choices on the paper application in case a class is closed.

Sandra Bodden

After School Director – Sandra Bodden (Room B2) 718-330-9275 ext. 5016

All afterschool inquiries, email Sandra Bodden:  [email protected]

The Afterschool Admin Team

After School Assistant Director – Tania Adelphin (Room B2) (718) 330-9275 x5016

After School Coordinators  – Ricky Merisier and James Virola

Afterschool Counselors & Doug!

The PTA Afterschool Program is open to Pre-K through 5th Grade students from 2:40 pm until 6 pm every day that school is in session. Service is available on half-days from 11:40am-3pm and 3pm-6pm.

The PS261 Afterschool Committee, a group of parent volunteers who oversee the Afterschool program, strives to make sure our program meets the needs of the 261 community. If you would like to join the Afterschool Committee, we’d love to have you! Please contact one of the committee chairs.

Afterschool Committee Co-Chairs

Sophia Straker-Babb, [email protected]

and Nancy Ziegler Nayar, [email protected]

After School Treasurer

Tate Hausman [email protected]

Your child cannot start the program on the same day you hand in the application form (No Exceptions!).  There is a one-week (7 days) waiting period before your child is admitted to the program.  This waiting period is essential to ensure the safety of our Afterschool community.