Rules and Routines

Cell Phones

The DOE citywide policy is no cell phones in schools. We understand that some students have cell phones to communicate with parents/caregivers before and after school hours. Children are not permitted to receive or send phone calls in school or at recess or when they are out to lunch. If they have a cell phone with them, it must stay in the back pack, turned off, for the entire day. If a teacher sees or hears a child’s cell phone, it will be confiscated and cannot be returned until a parent/guardian comes to school to pick it up. The same is true if we see a child with a cell phone in the yard or in front of school during school hours.

Lost & Found

There is a large bin in the  vestibule outside the nurses office where lost items are placed. Children and parents should check frequently for lost items. Please label everything with at least your child’s first and last names. If you are comfortable writing their current classroom or your phone number on the items, the chance of them getting back to their rightful owner increases enormously.