Science – (M,T,W) Gillianne Roberts [email protected] 

Gillianne Roberts


Science classes at PS 261 are hands-on and inquiry based.  Inquiry is the work that scientists do as they develop questions about the world, plan investigations to answer their questions and collect evidence to share with the scientific community.

Gillianne uses guided inquiry and presents each class with a question, and materials to use to help answer the question.  Students are asked to record and discuss results at the end of class.  This year, she’s hoping to move closer to open inquiry by encouraging students to develop testable questions that branch from the guided inquiry.

Khadija Algamoos

Science  – Khadija Algamoos [email protected]

This year Pre-K will be exploring many different topics. They will use and develop observation skills to learn about the world around them. The information the students gather through their observations and curiosities leads them to further investigations. Here is an overview of What we will cover in pre-k:

  • Scientific Inquiry: Explore science tools: magnets, magnifying glasses, etc.
  • using senses to explore objects and natural phenomena
  • observe insect life and characteristics of living things
  • measure and mix ingredients in activities
  • physical properties of objects (ex. solids, liquids, and gases)
  • Identify basic colors and explore color mixing.
  • earth/space (weather & seasons, etc.)

Kindergartners will explore their curiosities through an inquiry-based, hands-on approach. The following units will be our main focus this year: Trees through the Seasons, exploring properties and Animals; in addition, to other fun and exciting science activities.

First Grade is full of exciting and new science investigations through Inquiry-Based, Hands-on experiments. Our units of study this year will include: Animal Diversity, Properties of Matter, and Weather and Seasons. In addition, students will be presented with many exciting engineering tasks.

Second Graders will be engaged in the study of the many phenomena’s of science. The units we will be studying this year are Earth Materials, Forces and Motion, plant diversity and Engineering.