Khadijia Algamoos

Science  – Khadija Algamoos [email protected]

Dear Families,

I would like to welcome you and your child to my science classroom. I
am looking forward to a very exciting school year. A little bit about
me is I am a proud graduate of PS261. I have a BA in Early Childhood
Education (birth-2nd grade), BA in Political Science, and an MS in
Childhood Education (1-6) Science and Environmental Education; I am
certified/licensed in both. I have two amazing daughters Sarah and
Jenna. I love hands-on messy science experiments and exploring the
many phenomena’s of the world we live in.
My philosophy of teaching is that in order for children to succeed
academically, they need to be given opportunities to investigate and
discover things on their own. They need to be engaged and interested
in what they learn, freely exploring their curiosities because
curiosity plays an import role in a child’s life and it is my
responsibility as a teacher to support that curiosity by allowing
children to experience the world, pose questions, and interact with
one another through inquiry-based, hands-on experiments.
We are using Amplify Science as our science curriculum this year. My
the room is Room 114, feel free to email or visit the science room.

Thank you,
Khadija A. Algamoos